Celebrating and championing dance within the African Diaspora in Scotland

Project X celebrates and champions dance within the African Diaspora in Scotland. Through workshops, performances, artistic opportunities, discussions, screenings, a symposium and more, Project X platforms these contemporary and traditional dance forms whilst broadening perceptions and representation. 


Up Coming Performances & Opportunities  



Booking now open for Mele Broomes (V/DA and Project X) new dance performance on at Tramway on 13th & 14th Oct.

For press enquires please contact Rhea via rhealewis.projectx@gmail.com 


We are so proud of Joy Maria Onotu, Kasumi Momoda, Erick Maurica Valentin and Claricia Kruithof for sharing their work at the Project X Scratch Night. If you missed them, you'll get another chance to see them at the People Dancing Conference on the 4th Oct 2017

Photo Credit: Najma Abukar (left to right: Idris Akormadu (percussionist), Joy Maria Onotu, Paul Shofolam (percussionist),Kasumi Momoda, Erick Maurica Valentine, Claricia Kruithof)  


Let's Move to More Visibility Symposium -22nd Sept 

(photograph of some of the delegates and speakers, credit: Najma Abukar)

Thank you to the incredible artists and pioneers who took part to share their experiences and ambitions.
Thank you to all of those who came participated, and to those who came to learn, listen, and discovered how they could share their platform to make change.

We will be sharing our findings in due course. Would you like to hear more? Contact Rhea via rhealewis.projectx@gmail.com


Thank you everyone who danced with us this summer! We are planning exciting things for the future! If you are interested to see who our dance tutors were click here for more information.



We're thrilled that Champions Tale are hosting a workshop for young people on 20th Oct in Glasgow at The Space. If you would like to book your child in to this workshop contact Rhea via rhealewis.projectx@gmail.com. Click here for more information