broadening perceptions and representation in Scotland

Project X is a collectively run organisation who champion dance and performance within the African Caribbean Diaspora in Scotland. Project X host conversations, workshops and performances. Project X is a collaboration and we celebrate the cross-pollination of identities, ideas and forms.

Have a watch and listen to the experiences of the participants, teachers and parents. The journey of Oshun and The Gold and summer school. Filmed by Lucas Kao ↓↓↓↓


We’re at Dance International Glasgow 2019, Tramway, Glasgow

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Ghost Dimension - Memory Ritual. Scattered Song

in collaboration with Healer Oran and Tseliso Monaheng


Collaborative process across performance disciplines, physical and virtual borders. The research combines scattered forms -texts, scores, live and recorded sounds, film and live performance.

Collectively Broomes, Harris, Monaheng and Healer Oran explore the body as a repository of incorporated histories which are both internalised and externalised. Ghost Dimension explores themes of Identities, imposing architecture and the environments we move in. Experimenting with visibility, Ghost Dimension asks; Who is seen? How are they seen? Through what lense? On what platform? 

Project X’s unique synergy of contemporary diasporic dance and performance techniques, with Healer Oran’s electronic soundscape, and Tseliso Monaheng’s abstract cinematography, combine to create a form which is flexible, adaptable and transformative.

The performance at Buzzcut Double Thrills and Dance Base presents all scattered fragments.

8th -9th Nov - Re: Generations One Dance UK (Manchester)

13th Nov, 6pm - Buzzcut Double Thrills (Glasgow)

17th Nov, 3pm - Dance Base (Edinburgh)

PAST events 

Buzzcut Double Thrills - Project X curated film programme


Chronicles - Retelling the story a guided tour with a twist


Scottish dance collective Project X (UK) and Thulani Rachia (UK/South Africa) pres- ent Chronicles. Working with young people from Edinburgh, they have co-created a new piece of dance theatre performance. This alternative audio guide and immersive performance uncovers hidden and (re)imagined histories as the audience promenade through the Scottish Galleries of the National Museum of Scotland part of National Theatre of Scotland’s Futureproof

Oshun and The Gold,  A New Anansi Tale - Performance


 We’re at Urban Gymnastics - Summer School 2018!


Easter School 2018 - Project X Young People

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A week full of fun and dancing! From Hip-Hop, to traditional West African to Afro-beat, Project X Young People got a flavour of different dance styles and drama.  A great way to kick off our Anansi project classes! 

Thank you to the wonderful teachers Erick Maurica Valentin, Joy Maria Onotu, Tawona Sitole, Divine Tasinda and Chris Lilombo. 


Project X Co-Curate's Buzz Cut Double Thrills - Project X Associate Artists perform along side visiting art collective Project O. 


From left to right Claricia Kruithof, Kemono L.Riot, Shaheeda Sinckler, Divine Tasinda and Ashanti Harris present fresh new works. We can't wait to see the development of their ideas evolve.

Thanks to The Arts School and The Work Room for there support and Buzz Cut for inviting us XOXOXO


Style Mile Winter Carnival 2017- Project X Young People  


With Limbo dancing originating from Trinidad and Tabago it was a perfect choice in dance style for the carnival.  Project X Young People Limboed in festive style. Check out the tinsel stick! Great work everyone. Big thanks to The Community Flat for hosting us in our costume making sessions. 


Story Board P - Dance Workshop and Conversation in collaboration with Arika. Check out our social media for videos. 


Dance workshops - Be United: Champions Dance Crew - Giving us a taste of South African Pantsula Dance


Thank you so much for sharing your amazing dances it was ridiculously fun and challenging. 


Scratch Night - Scottish based dance artists present new-works-progress

Photo Credit: Najma Abukar

Photo Credit: Najma Abukar

We are so proud of Joy Maria Onotu, Kasumi Momoda, Erick Maurica Valentin and Claricia Kruithof for sharing their work at the Project X Scratch Night and People Dancing Conference on the 4th Oct 2017 - Go to archive for more information and images


Symposium: Let's Move to More Visibility  - exploring how dance and the performing arts sector in Scotland can develop to have a greater representation and support of practitioners who identify as People of Colour (POC) and / or Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME).

Photo credit: Najma Abukar - some of the delegates and speakers

Photo credit: Najma Abukar - some of the delegates and speakers

Thank you to the incredible artists and pioneers who took part to share their experiences and ambitions.

Thank you to all of those who participated, listened and discovered how they could share their platform to make change.

We will be sharing our findings in due course. Would you like to hear more? Contact Rhea via

Go to archive for more information and images