Ashanti Harris - Jumbies

Jumbies is a multimedia, performative installation by Ashanti Harris in collaboration with textiles designer Zephyr Liddell. Using the concepts of Afrofuturism and masquerade as a starting point, Jumbies explores the interconnectedness of Scotland, West Africa and the Caribbean through a combination of factual and fictional historical and present day references – presenting the Caribbean as a fictional dimension, a space of Re-presentation, alternate realities, a ritual wearing of thresholds and a place of possibilities.

Shaheeda Sinckler and Divine Tasinda - All - in - one 

Questioning the gendered language of Creation: is God a she? The world needs to wake up. Highlighting our awareness as humans, why can't we be aware as people? Equality. Before vocabulary, discourse was sound and movement.

All-in-one is a collaborative piece of work shared between Shaheeda Sinckler and Divine Tasinda. Sinckler borrows sounds and samples as Tasinda uses motion to convey emotion in the hope of awakening the human mind and expanding it to all possibilities.


Claricia Kruithof - Anon (allochtoon) and Untitled (labyrinth)

Anon. [allochtoon]
belum: not yet, not as yet (Behasa Indonesie)
The departure point for this work comes from an ongoing research inquiry into the history of the indigenous communities of Indonesia who enlisted in the Dutch army and marine services during its colonial rule. 

Untitled (labyrinth)
How do we occupy and build space-inside the body and in a place? What can we see and hear through the permeable membrane of the skin?

the sky was pink development has been kindly supported by Creative Scotland, Project X, Dance Base Associate Artist programme and The Work Room.

Kemono L Riot - The Vessel That Rejected The Soul

It takes a different view by showcasing how it would feel if your body, temple, vessel had a mind of its own. Would it be happy to hold you together from the start till the end, would it be happy to be silenced from the start to the end, would it be happy to take you in without its own control. What are the negative factors of the Vessel, and how are these felt from freedom to isolation? Kemono will dive a little deeper into his perspective of the Vessel.