Children and Young People's Events

We have ran 2 free summer schools, 1 easter school and created performances for children and young people ages 8-25 years with activities and programmes including; learning traditional African Dances, as well as more contemporary styles such as hip hop, afro beats and breaking. As we as storytelling, costume making and movies celebrating dances of the African Diaspora!

Past performances where at Merchant City Festival, Style Mile Winter Carnival, Merchant City Square and George Square.

Previous projects have bee supported by BEMIS and Visit Scotland's Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, European Championships, National Theatre of Scotland and The African Art Centre.

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“Lovely people. My boys had some priceless moments at the summer school.”
— Parent of Summer School Partcipant
“My daughter attended the summer school this year was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm and has had an absolute blast all week. Learning some brilliant moves and meeting some fantastic people. She’d come home every night tired but full of fire and it finished with a really welcoming community event with delicious foods, storytelling and the kids showcasing their works! awesome! looking forward to seeing her perform alongside this amazing project tomorrow at the Merchant City Festival
— Parent of Summer School Participant
When is the next event. We can’t wait to come back
— Parent of Summer School

Images by Jassy Earl, Alhadji Mauricia and Matthew Williams


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